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This wiki may contain spoilers. Execute extreme caution.

Welcome to the Metal Gear Database
A Metal Gear encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
We currently have 2,282 articles.
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About Us
Metal Gear Database is an independent wiki focusing on the Metal Gear franchise. If you'd like to help us, create an account and start editing!
We currently have a to-do list if you're unsure where to begin. If you want to talk to other editors and wiki admins, we have a Discord server that you can join.

Metal Gear Database Updates and News[edit]

  1. Landing page has been updated to look... Like it has content.

This wiki mostly contains content forked from the Metal Gear Fandom wiki, and is not up to date with recent announcements.
We also lack quite a few images. If you are up to it, feel free to start editing. Together, we can make this wiki shine.
If you notice any issues with the wiki itself (Software issues, CSS screwups, etc), please contact the lead admin on Discord (doctordizzyspin) or via email.